The leading provider of on demand group rides.

City Transit Partners


Fetii is giving smart city transit systems the ability to now service four on-demand transportation markets. Through Fetii’s city transit integration process, cities can continue operating their fixed routes using Fetii but can also now service on-demand groups, reservations, commuters, and corporations who require group transportation for employees or clients. With Fetii, cities can now decrease traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, increase ridership, and increase profitability.

Private Transit Partners


Fetii allows private transportation companies as well as individuals the opportunity to utilize Fetii’s technology to service on-demand groups, commuters, and corporations. Event transportation companies that are currently limited to an hourly reservation model can now utilize Fetii’s system to integrate their hourly model with an on-demand market to increase revenues while maintaining current clientele.

Fetii’s system gives our transit partners access to 4 on-demand transportation markets.


Fetii allows groups of 4 or more to book on-demand or scheduled transportation, giving them the ability to travel together in a single vehicle. No longer do groups have to split up and travel in multiple vehicles. Fetii also streamlines the payment process with UPC scan technology so that no one person needs to front the cost of a Fetii vehicle.


Fetii’s technology allows commuters in similar areas to be strategically grouped together to travel to and from like destinations together on a daily basis. Commuters no longer need to sit in traffic, contribute to traffic congestion, and pay parking. Fetii’s user-friendly app provides commuters with a wallet and all route information needed for smooth travel.


Fetii provides a multitude of corporations with streamlined group transportation for their clients and/or their own employees. Whether it be an apartment complex shuttling tenants or a hotel transporting customers, a Fetii vehicle can be requested and utilized for any corporate need. Corporations no longer need to purchase a vehicle, pay insurance, maintain the vehicle, etc.


Fetii gives users the ability to conveniently reserve vehicles for longer durations. Our transit partners enjoy this feature as many of them can convert current clientele who utilize hourly reservations while simultaneously serving other transportation markets. Our friendly user-interface streamlines the entire booking process for both the user and transit partner.

Fetii’s System

Fetii Ride is a user friendly app in which users can book now or schedule a Fetii vehicle. Users can select the appropriate vehicle depending on their needs. With Fetii’s UPC payment scan technology, users simply scan the QR code and board the vehicle. Trip information and tipping can also be found on Fetii Ride.

Fetii Driver is an app that assists drivers in servicing Fetii Ride users. With constant communication with Fetii Ride, drivers are able to navigate, communicate, and complete Fetii RIde trips. Earnings, trip information, and trip schedules can all be found on Fetii Driver.

Fetii's Transit Dashboard


Fetii Transit Dashboard gives partners access to all of their upcoming/current/completed trips, customer data, trip data, vehicle tracking, live trip statuses, and more. With the dashboard, partners are able to make smarter business decisions and seamlessly oversee operations.