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Become a Fetii Franchise Owner and Take Control of Your Future

Fetii gives you the opportunity to build a transportation business and invest in a better future. Fetii provides franchisees with the vehicles and technology needed to service groups and businesses on demand. With the support of a recognized brand, franchise owners can focus on providing their passengers with the ultimate transportation experience.

Why Franchise with Fetii?

Choose Your Own Hours

Make your own schedule when you drive for Fetii. You choose your own days and operating hours to ensure you work on a schedule that fits you best.

Instant Payouts

Easily get paid via direct deposit with a streamlined payout system on the Fetii Driver app.

High Commissions

When you become a Fetii franchise owner you receive what you deserve. Other companies take all that they can, not us.

We Provide Your Vehicle

When you drive with us, you don’t have to buy a vehicle. We provide you with a luxury, 15 passenger transit van.

Franchisee Reviews


“Driving with Fetii is the perfect way to generate income and still be able to spend time with my family when they need me. I take pride in getting groups from Point A to Point B, and I also enjoy getting to know new people!”

Sharon Katz


“Fetii is a rideshare company that finally takes care of their drivers. They don’t take all of my earnings and leave me with the bare minimum, they don’t make me depreciate my personal vehicle, and they don’t oversupply drivers which allows me to have peace of mind that I’ll be able to generate income for my family.”

Taric Varner


“Becoming a franchisee and driving with Fetii is the perfect way to generate.” and “As a Fetii franchise owner, I finally have control of my future.”

John Otten


“I love being a franchise owner for a company that has a social mission. When I’m transporting groups using Fetii, I know I’m doing my part to reduce traffic congestion and decrease carbon emissions.”

Sam Marshall

Driver Common Questions

How much can I make driving Fetii?

Earning capabilities vary depending on how many hours you drive. Our system allows drivers to drive at their own hours, however we do provide recommended periods of times to drive where the demand is the highest in order to maximize earning potential for all our drivers.

What if I don’t have my own vehicle?

Fetii drivers can drive their own vehicles as long as they meet the necessary criteria for the specific vehicle of choice. Fetii also provides individuals without vehicles the opportunity to lease a Fetii vehicle at a reasonable monthly cost. No long term contracts are required when leasing a Fetii vehicle.

How long before I can start driving?

The application and review process typically takes 14 days before you can begin driving for Fetii.

How do I become a Fetii Driver?

Drivers who are interested in joining the Fetii team must meet the qualifications below:

  • No fines or fees owed to the DMV

  • Less than 3 moving violations within a single year

  • No traffic infractions or unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle

  • Ability to pass a pre-employment background check

  • Previous rideshare/driving experience

  • Must be 25 years of age at the time of employment

Apply to be a Fetii Driver

Like to drive? Want to be your own boss? Become a fetii franchise owner and take control of your future.