Corporate and Employee Shuttle

Fetii offers a shuttle solution designed to provide safe and reliable rides to work. With private shuttles, your company can attract and retain your top talents and provide immeasurable returns on investment that validate impact across your organization.

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Corporate Dashboard And Analytics

Collect rider data that can better assist you with decision-making for your shuttle system. You can track your shuttles and monitor performance in real-time. With our corporate dashboard, you can easily share the program’s investment costs with your employees using Fetii’s automated reporting platform.

Custom Routes And Schedules

Our team will partner with you and use our state-of-the-art technology to design the most cost-effective transportation services for serving the largest number of employees. Routes can be optimized regularly to save time for riders, and money for your organization.


Ease Your Company’s Transportation Today

With Fetii you can trust that booking corporate shuttles will be as easy as clicking a button. Round up all your employee information: the number that will ride, and where to pick them up and drop them off. From there we will send you a personalized quote for your company’s needs

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Our Technology

We're constantly building technology that makes it easier for you to book your airport shuttle
and make adjustments to your reservation.


Your route is flexible. Times and virtual stops can be modified any time.

Rider App

ETAs, tracking, and schedules can be easily shared with your passengers.


Vehicles can be added or replaced over time as your ridership increases.

Want private shuttles for your Corporation, Institution, or Organization?

We can help. Reach out today and our team will work with you to create a custom shuttle service that is a perfect fit for your organization and employees.