Fetii App

What is Fetii?

Fetii is an integrated social and ride-sharing app that ties together the pre, present, and post-event experience. Through our all-in-one app, customers can create the ultimate experience by riding together, sharing moments, and documenting every experience with their friends.

Fetii ride gives groups of 5 to 30 + people the ability to travel to destinations together in one vehicle, while Fetii social provides our users a platform to plan, talk about, and document experiences with their peers.


Check in by Scanning

Through our individualized payment system, booking a Fetii is affordable and convenient for your entire group. When your Fetii arrives, have everyone in the group open the app and scan the QR code on the side of the Fetii vehicle to check in before boarding.

Choose Your Fetii

Fetii Van

Our Fetii vans are
suitable for groups of
up to 15 people for
events of all kind.

Fetii Bus

For special events and
larger groups of up to 30
people, our Fetii buses have
revolutionized group travel.

Fetii Premium

Travel together with groups
of up to 50 people with our
largest vehicle option,
Fetii Premium.


Introducing Fetii Social

Fetii Social is a platform that allows users to create, talk about, and remember experiences with their closest friends. Working seamlessly with Fetii Ride, Fetii Social gives users the ability to earn points and save money every time they book a Fetii vehicle.

Earn with Fetii

With Fetii’s affiliate program, drivers now have an alternative medium to creating a full-time income for themselves by driving a Fetii.

Drivers can choose their own hours and lease out Fetii vehicles to instantly gain access to our network of customers.

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Get from A to B with all your friends in just one, fun Fetti!

  • Nightlife Venues
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Airports
  • Corporate Shuttles