The first on demand group ride social platform.

Fetii App Screenshot

Ride, Connect, and Share

Fetii is excited to announce it’s new Social platform. Now you can create, join, and share your best moments. This works seemlisly with the on demand group ride part of the app. You can now book a Fetii, create an experience, and invite your friends, all in one place. You can also earn points to become a Fetii VIP and receive free rides!

Never Forget a Moment

With Fetii Social, you can now add specific moments to each past event you attended. Never forget those epic moments and remind your friends who the real Fetii VIP is.

Fetii vip-status

Earn Points, Get Free Rides

Fetii users will automatically earn points for the opportunity to receive free rides.

It’s so simple to earn points with Fetii. Earn points from booking a Fetii, riding a Fetii, or simply creating an experience.

To make things even better, you can also reach Fetii VIP status and receive a 25% discount on all rides.

Create Experiences. Create a Buzz

With Fetii Social, once you create an experience and invite all your friends, a unique experience group chat will form. Here you can socialize with everyone who will share your experience.