The leading provider of on demand group rides.

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Schedule or Book Now

Whether you want to book your ride now, or schedule a Fetii for later, our customers have the flexibility to book a Fetii for a group at your convenience.

Choose Your Fetii

Fetii offers a diverse selection of on demand group and luxury transportation options for our customers. From 15 passenger vans, to luxurious limousines, to coveted on-demand party buses, Fetii is able to satisfy your group’s transportation wants and needs at an affordable price.

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Check in by Scanning

Through our individualized payment system, booking a Fetii is affordable and convenient for your entire group. When your Fetii arrives, have everyone in the group open the app and scan the QR code on the side of the Fetii vehicle to check in before boarding.

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Split Payment Any Way You Want

With our QR code check in system, no pre-payment is required and everyone riding a Fetii can split payment between each other any way they want. Simply select the number of riders you are paying for before scanning the QR code on the Fetii vehicle.

If a friend is paying for you, select “0” before checking in, and if you are paying for a friend, select “2” before checking in. All riders must have the app downloaded to check in before boarding a Fetii vehicle.

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Round Trip

Our mission at Fetii is to provide a simple and safe way for groups of any size to get to and from any location. No matter what your event or destination, our customers can simply select the round trip option before booking a ride to ensure that your entire group can get to and from any location in a timely and safe manner.